November 22, 2006

The EU, a good point

The EU does have some good points. Not many, and certainly not enough to outweigh it's many many bad ones. One of these good points is open borders.

If we where to leave the EU then we could well end up having a much worse immigration policy than we do currently, or we might not. You see the EU does not guarantee good policies on immigration. When the Eastern European states joined it was only Britain and Ireland that respected the treaties giving their citizens the right to move here and work unhindered. So it is perfectly possible to be in the EU and still have a bad immigration policy. As it is also possible to be outside the EU and have a good immigration policy. Such as welcoming (though admittedly somewhat reluctantly in some quarters) the large number of migrants that Britain took in after the Second World War from the S.S. Windrush onwards.

However be it a good policy or a bad policy there would be one important extra factor, the policy would be ours. It would be subject to democratic oversight by our own elected representatives, so which ever way it went it could easily be adjusted as to reflect what was needed. Fears about changes to this should not deflect from all the rest of the good things that would come when we leave.


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